Shari Jordan: Separate from the Shadows

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When we think about infamous figures in history, our minds often gravitate towards the chilling tales of individuals like Jeffrey Dahmer. But what about the people who found themselves connected to these dark chapters through the bonds of family? Shari Jordan is one such individual, whose life intersected with that of Dahmer through marriage. Yet, it’s essential to recognize her as more than just a footnote in a gruesome narrative.

Shari Jordan’s journey is one of complexity, one that cannot be reduced to a simple association with a notorious figure. Despite her connection to Dahmer, she remains an individual with her own story, her own beliefs, and her own struggles.


Shari Jordan’s connection to Jeffrey Dahmer is through marriage, as she became his stepmother. This connection, however, does not define her entire existence. It’s important to acknowledge that while she may have been part of Dahmer’s family, she is not responsible for his actions.

Distinct Identity

Shari Jordan is a distinct individual with her own identity and experiences. She should not be overshadowed or judged solely based on her relation to Dahmer. Like anyone else, she deserves to be seen and understood for who she is beyond this connection.

Separation from Crime

It’s crucial to emphasize that Shari Jordan had no involvement in the crimes committed by Jeffrey Dahmer. She should not be held accountable for his actions simply because of her familial relationship with him. It’s unfair to attribute guilt or responsibility to someone based solely on their ties to a criminal.

Personal Beliefs

Despite the misconceptions and assumptions that may arise from her connection to Dahmer, Shari Jordan’s personal beliefs and values should be respected. She is entitled to her own views and should not be judged based on the actions of another individual, even if that individual is her stepson.

Does Jordan Follow Sharia Law?

One question that may arise due to Shari Jordan’s name is whether  does Jordan follow sharia law. It’s important to clarify that while her last name may sound similar to “Sharia,” there is no indication that she practices Sharia law or that it has any relevance to her life.

Sharia law is a set of principles derived from Islamic scripture and is followed by Muslims who adhere to it. However, there is no inherent connection between Shari Jordan’s name and her religious or legal beliefs. It’s simply a coincidence of nomenclature and holds no significance in understanding her as an individual.


In conclusion, Shari Jordan’s story serves as a reminder of the complexity of human connections and the importance of seeing individuals beyond the shadows cast by others. While her connection to Jeffrey Dahmer may be noteworthy, it should not define her entire existence. She is a separate individual with her own identity, beliefs, and experiences, deserving of understanding and respect. Let us recognize Shari Jordan for who she is, distinct from the chilling figure of American criminal history with whom she shares a name.

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