7 Best Identity V Characters: List of Top Tier Survivors

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NetEase’s asymmetrical game Identity V has featured a wide range of top-tier survivors, which are not only based on their appearance but also have their special characteristics. Unlocking the top-tier characters may not be feasible for beginners, which is why you can choose IDV accounts for sale from U7BUY to get access to all the characters firsthand.

In this article, we are going to feature the 7 best identity V characters that belong to the top tear survivor list of the game. You can also get an IDV top up to unlock any of these characters if you don’t have enough currency in the game as a starter. Now, let’s get started with our top-tier identity V characters.

Best Characters in Identity V

Each top-tier identity V character is known for their unique abilities and here we have discussed each of them based on the ranking.

1.      Identity V Antiquarian

The Antiquarian has some of the most unique abilities, and her Mechanical Flute allows her to keep the hunters and her opponents away. Combined with her powers to evade the hunters, she can chase the hunter for long time periods while kitting them. By far, Antiquarian is one of the most well-rounded IDV characters in the game.

1.      IDV Priestess

Identity V Priestess is much more capable than the Antiquarian, which is why she is also one of the best Identity V characters in our list. Priestess is more like an assist character who allows her teammates to evade chases in order to get where they need to go. Since she vaults pretty slowly, she is not a preferable IDV character to choose solo in the chases.

2.      Identity V Mechanic

The Mechanic is probably the best of all the decoders in the game, as she can decode any ciphers at a very quick rate. Utilizing the abilities of her controller, she can complete various actions from a safe distance from the other players. And she also has a robot to get her job done from afar.

3.      Seer IDV

Just like the Priestess, Seer is also an assist character who uses an owl to protect his teammates from getting damaged anywhere on the map. The reason why Seer lands in the best identity V characters is because of his ability to protect the player often with his damage protection powers.

4.      IDV Prospector

Prospector is capable of repelling and attacking hunters by using his Magnets and also stuns them for a while. These prominent capabilities of the hunter give him much control over the hunters in the game, which is why he has made his way into the top-tier characters of Identity V.

5.      IDV Mercenary

As it says in the name, the Mercenary functions more like a one-man army or a tank. Mercenary is able to block attacks and take hits from the other survivors. He is also capable of rescuing from chairs, which makes him a cool character for offense and defense.

6.      Thief

The Thief is one of the most prominent characters of Identity V, who is able to counter almost every hunter in the game. Thief is pretty good at the chase, all thanks to his low consumption of flashlights.

Wrapping Up

The above-mentioned list of best identity V characters can earn you the top sports in the game while dodging hunters and other survivors in the game. Besides the look, every character in the list has a unique ability, which makes them a standout option in their own unique way.


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