Gastronomy and architecture: restaurants in historic buildings in Berlin

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There are many destinations in the world for tourists and locals to explore on one or more occasions. It does not matter if you travel for work or pleasure or if you travel alone, with your family or with your friends, each of the destinations always offer unique and wonderful experiences thanks to the interesting clash of cultures and traditions.


Europe offers many places to visit and, for many years, it has been the continent chosen by tourists to explore each of its corners, landscapes and emblematic sites. Their countries have infinite attractions for all tastes and Germany is one of them. Thanks to its varied landscape with rivers, forests, mountains and beaches, this is a country full of history.


Berlin is its capital and it is known for monuments or ruins that refer to the Second World War, for its love of art and for modern places that combine perfectly with the old.


This city is magical. You can know and feel its history just by stepping on it and, although this city offers many attractions and activities, it is known because gastronomy plays a very important role in its culture. For this reason, if you visit the city, you cannot miss a food tour Berlin so that you can appreciate the unique flavors of the city while you enjoy visiting each of its corners.


Discover the must-see sites of Berlin

Berlin is known for the gentle aroma of linden plants. This is something that transmits peace and good energy to explore the streets of this city full of history and emblematic sites while you enjoy an unforgettable food tour Berlin.


An ideal place for you to start your tour is the Reichstag building. Its original dome has been replaced by glass and, currently, this is one of the main attractions of the city because it is a true masterpiece of modern architecture and because it helps to understand why it has been the center of history of the 20th century. From this privileged site, you can contemplate the best views of the city and the most important buildings.


Berlin is a city that still retains traces of the past. This city has experienced many historical events that have marked it forever, but currently, its present is brilliant.


This destination offers many monuments and sites so that locals never forget their history and so that visitors know it in depth, but, also, the city has managed to survive many things and this is felt. Currently there are many attractions and gastronomy are a fundamental part of the culture.


If you travel to the city, you can book a food tour Berlin to see the best restaurants with Michelin stars, one of the most important recognitions in the gastronomic world.


There are places that give rise to streets, bars and restaurants, such as, for example, the Mitte neighborhood. The Hackescher Markt is located here. These are passages that connect buildings and internal courtyards where you can find a theater, art gallery or fashion businesses.


In the 1990s there was a neighborhood that became the headquarters of the Berlin scene and, currently, it continues to be a point of reference. All places near Kollwitzplats are frequented every day by families, students and people of all ages.


This is a neighborhood of remodeled old houses, wide streets and a lot of culture. The businesses, cafes and restaurants are varied and the energy is always lively. The night has an active life and, for example, you can visit, in the context of a food tour Berlin, each of the sites such as the Culture Factory, which is a complex with cinema, theater and other entertainment that was installed in the framework of an old brewery.


Other options for you to get to know Berlin are to visit the Tiergarten areas, recognized for the ideal terraces to rest from the routine, the Charlottenburg area characterized by its gardens and the fairgrounds, the Wilmersdorf area recognized for its tranquility and wonderful buildings and the east and west areas of Berlin where you can enjoy the most delicious cafes and unique restaurants.


What is the oldest restaurant in Berlin?

The Zur Letzten Instanz restaurant is the oldest in the city. First it was a gin factory where the inhabitants went late in the day to try the drink. This site was inaugurated in 1621 and its premises are full of charm, good service and delicious cuisine.


This restaurant was visited by Napoleon, Chaplin and other renowned people. After the Second World War, the construction was restored and it was able to recover its original aesthetics and it was reopened in 1963.


If you plan a food tour Berlin, this is a place you must visit. Here, you can try local food in a pleasant atmosphere and you can travel through time thanks to the fact that its environment tries to be as faithful as possible to what it was in its beginnings.


A spiral staircase and a tiled stove highlight the rooms and the decoration is based on antique furniture and period photographs.


Berlin gastronomy

Since the 1990s, Berlin’s culinary universe has grown considerably. It is the only city in Germany that has a varied and complete gastronomic offer. For this reason, its restaurants have earned many Michelin stars.


Its gastronomy is modern and innovative but its chefs have not forgotten traditional recipes such as meatballs, sauerkraut and potato pancakes. The city’s cuisine was created to resist low temperatures and, for this reason, there are dishes with pork sauces or powerful garnishes.


Baking is also very important for city residents. There are multi-layer cakes, strudels and fruit tarts. One of the most popular sweets is the sugar donut filled with jam or chocolate and, if you are one of the most daring when it comes to trying new recipes, an ideal dessert could be the white wine mousse covered with raspberry puree. 


Berlin is a city with low temperatures during the cold months and that is why its dishes contain many calories. You can delight in traditional recipes or fusions that derive from the influence of other cultures such as Italian and French.

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