Save the Mole Tarkov: A Comprehensive Guide

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In the perilous world of Escape from save the mole tarkov, survival is paramount. Among the many challenges players face, the task of rescuing Jaeger, also known as the Mole, stands out as a unique and compelling mission. With the intricacies of navigating Tarkov’s hazardous environments and confronting formidable foes, saving Jaeger requires careful planning, strategic prowess, and a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. This comprehensive guide aims to provide players with the knowledge and tactics needed to successfully rescue Jaeger and reap the rewards that come with it.

Understanding Jaeger

Before delving into the specifics of the rescue mission, it’s essential to understand who Jaeger is and why saving him is significant. Jaeger is one of the traders in Escape from save the mole tarkov specializing in survival gear, outdoor equipment, and hunting supplies. His unique expertise and inventory make him a valuable asset to players seeking to equip themselves for the challenges of Tarkov’s harsh environment. However, Jaeger’s location is initially inaccessible, requiring players to complete a series of tasks to unlock his services.

Unlocking Jaeger’s Tasks

To gain access to Jaeger’s services, players must complete a series of tasks known as “quests” or “missions.” These tasks often involve various objectives such as locating specific items, eliminating enemies, or exploring certain areas of the map. Progressing through Jaeger’s quests not only unlocks his trader services but also builds rapport with him, allowing access to higher-tier gear and rewards.

Rescue Mission Overview

The specific task related to rescuing Jaeger is titled “Introduction.” In this mission, players are tasked with locating Jaeger, who has become stranded in the woods. However, finding Jaeger is only the beginning; players must then safely escort him to the extraction point while fending off hostile scavengers and navigating treacherous terrain.


Preparation is key to a successful rescue mission in Escape from save the mole tarkov. Before embarking on the task, players should ensure they are adequately equipped with weapons, ammunition, medical supplies, and provisions. Additionally, familiarizing oneself with the map and planning the route to Jaeger’s location can greatly increase the chances of success.

Executing the Rescue

Once adequately prepared, players can begin the rescue mission by spawning into the appropriate map. The location of Jaeger will vary depending on the map and spawn points, so players should consult their map and use landmarks to navigate the terrain efficiently. Upon locating Jaeger, players must approach him and initiate the rescue sequence.

Challenges and Enemies

The journey to the extraction point will not be without its challenges. Players can expect to encounter hostile AI-controlled scavengers as well as other player-controlled characters, known as PMCs (Private Military Contractors). Remaining vigilant and using cover to avoid enemy fire is crucial to surviving encounters and successfully escorting Jaeger to safety.

Extracting Successfully

Upon reaching the extraction point with Jaeger, players must ensure the area is secure before initiating the extraction process. Once the extraction countdown begins, players must defend the area from any remaining threats while awaiting extraction. Once the countdown reaches zero, players and Jaeger will be safely extracted from the map, completing the rescue mission.


Rescuing Jaeger, save the mole tarkov is a challenging yet rewarding endeavor. By completing this mission, players gain access to Jaeger’s trader services, unlocking a wide range of valuable gear and equipment. However, success requires careful planning, strategic execution, and the ability to overcome formidable obstacles. With the knowledge and tactics provided in this guide, players can embark on the journey to save Jaeger and emerge victorious in the harsh and unforgiving world of save the mole tarkov.


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